According to the Forbes Georgia, Unison holds the leading positions in terms of attracted premiums, but is also outstanding by the profit to capital ratio, undeniably referring to the efficiency of the company’s business and high level of reliability from the partners.

To be more precise, the study results revealed that Unison holds the 4th place among 18 insurance companies by its profit to capital ratio, and on the 1st place among the companies operating independently from the banks, making it especially attractive fact for any investor.

We consider that the one of the most significant indicators – profit to capital ratio is determined by the loyalty and perennial dedication of our customers in terms of rating the company, and in this specific case as well, Unison holds the decent place among the five companies, which have positive balance during the years.

It’s good that the transparency of the financial sector activities and the statistics published by the supervisory bodies obviously present the companies, which can be relied on by the interested investor or the potential customer and assist to make the right choice.

References:, 17.10.2023