We offer financial risk insurance and  Bank Guarantee:

Product Terms and Conditions: Financial risk insurance or bank guarantee is insurance against failure to fulfil financial obligations to third parties.


  • Guarantee for customs
  • Bank guarantee to secure a bid
  • Bank guarantee to secure the fulfilment of a contract
  • Bank guarantee to secure an advance payment (advance payment guarantee)
  • Guarantee for a warranty  period –  12 months
  • Quality guarantee
  • These are all types of bank guarantees with corresponding conditions where the beneficiary is a banking institution.

Customer-oriented requirements – we take your individual requirements into account and offer a comfortable service tailored to your needs.

Fastest bank guarantee procedure – we take care of your time and offer a comfortable service in the fastest possible time.

Prompt claims settlement – Unison team is ready to settle claims quickly and easily for you. High quality reinsurance tool allows the company to provide quality services to clients.