For the first time in Georgia, Unison offers a state-of-the-art cyber insurance product that fully addresses cybersecurity challenges and is backed by European  A Rating  reinsurance companies.

The insurance covers:

  • Liability for personal and confidential information
  • Reputational damage as a result of a cyber attack
  • Legal costs and fines incurred as a result of disputes arising from a cyber attack
  • Penalties imposed by the regulator as a result of an insured’s inadvertent disclosure of personal/confidential information in case  of a cyber-attack
  • Liability to third parties for multimedia assets
  • Network continuity

Cyber insurance covers the above areas, subject to limits and deductibles stated in policy

Prompt response – we provide timely and efficient  Claims Settlement

Comprehensive coverage – insurance covers the cost of reputational damage and many other associated costs resulting from a cyber-attack.

Strong partners – the cyber insurance policy is backed by European Class A reinsurance companies.