Winter has come. It’s time to prepare your car for cold days. Today I will tell you about some details that you need to take into account to avoid unexpected troubles while driving in winter.



It is especially important to check antifreeze which is an essential engine coolant that helps regulate temperatures in your car. It can withstand temperatures from about -40°С to -65°С. The car engine emits heat, which requires constant control, and antifreeze helps regulate the temperature in the engine cooling system and protects it from overheating and damage.



The next part that you should get in order before winter arrives is the tire. It is the only part of the car that touches the surface of the road, therefore, the most important load falls on it. Climatic conditions are a factor that must be taken into account when choosing a tire, for example, driving on snowy and icy surfaces with special winter tires is an important prerequisite for safe driving. A winter tire provides better grip and braking capabilities, through which the likelihood of skidding is minimized.



Also, one of the most important parts is the accumulator/car battery, which is often called the ‘heart of the car’. Its purpose is to bring the engine into working condition and provide energy to all the electrical devices in the car, which are responsible for safe and comfortable driving. As the temperature drops, the battery also weakens, it can no longer maintain the charge, and it becomes almost impossible to start the car without additional power. That is why it is necessary to check and adjust the life limit of the battery before winter.

In addition, it is important to take care to avoid other types of contingencies and financial losses. If you want to face the winter calmly and ensure all possible risks related to your car, get acquainted with the best conditions of auto insurance.

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