Unison is a leader and most experienced in insuring air transport on the market. Unison has 62% share of the entire market and insures many airlines, moreover the entire Georgian airspace is insured by Unison.
Thanks to the cooperation with the A class leader reinsurers and an experience of risk management of air insurance, Unison has an opportunity to projects regardless the size and volume of it.  

From the current project we would like to highlight the insurance of Georgian airspace conductor( Ltd. "SAKAERONAVIGATSIA") liability with the limit of 500 million.


Instant response to your needs and demands.
A class reinsurance companies
Unison has one of the best reinsurance companies in the Georgian market.
Offers costumed according to our customers’ demands/interest
We always take into consideration our customers and offer the service according to their individual wishes and demands.